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Awakening Life

The Genius of Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practices are designed to wake us up, to bring us into the here and now…into this present moment. Like a still point that breaks open into the living present, alive and bursting with connective electric energy, called flow.

Spiritual practice is, in essence, practicing our spirit, and our spirit dwells in the eternal present. Our rational mind recoils and revolts at what it can’t get a handle on and control. So we must set it aside to wake-up and flow. Or better yet, tuck our mind into the folds of our heart and practice our spirit, awakening into the eternal living presence of God, sweeping us up in the flow of abundant life.

Accessing Grace

This is how we seek God through Jesus Christ in a nutshell.

The way we awaken is like a billion pixels of still points all around us and they are, every single one, the mercy and the grace of God to us through Jesus Christ.

So we awaken and become…from the very core of our being, the light and the life of God flows in love, peace, and mercy through us, transforming us from the inside out.

This is how eternal life works in us.

As Jesus told Martha, I am the resurrection and the life.  Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying, and anyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die. Do you believe this?

Live from within and believe.

Photo: Liz Barney

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An Open Letter To The Church

What we are unaware of cannot be changed.

We in the South, have a generational complicit blindness to racism and sexism. It’s called ‘the good ole boy network’ and it’s institutionalized within our churches and our communities. It’s deferred to in honor.

Arrogant pride spiritually blinds individuals and whole communities. It’s spiritual cancer that runs deep in the church here, just under the surface, unawares. We don’t see it. And what we are unaware of, we can’t own up to, much less change. The Southern church is complicit and unaware of its racism and sexism. We plead with you, the whole church to come help rescue us from our own certain destruction.

Speak tenderly to us, shake, and wake us up into the morning breaking on our hearts. Now is the time for our repentance, and the forgiveness of God. Now is the time for us to wake up and to let God transform us. Now is the time for restitution and restoration.

O LORD break our chains of deception. 

Abide in Christ+

Bob Holmes



The dark is getting darker and the light is getting brighter as the dark folds in on itself and the light expands at the coming of our Lord.

Be children of Light. Be the Grace and Truth of Christ in this world. Be+

Be the love of God to those suffering unaware. Carry their burdens, visit them in prison, feed and clothe the poor and homeless. Make room for Christ in the stable of your heart.


Oh God, grant me an undivided heart to love and serve you today with my whole heart, mind, strength, and soul. Open my eyes to see you and serve you in the ordinary events of this day. May love radiate through me. Amen.



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Tale of Two Times

We have the ability to live two entirely separate lives by how we relate to time.

I was listening to a podcast Time Is A Bully with Steve Wiens, and it clarified a mystery for me I believe can really help you to live a more abundantly rich life. Simply stated it’s this: There are two Greek words for time: Chronos, clock time, and Kairos, meaning the right, critical or opportune moment.

Into the World of Chronos

Let me expand this a bit. Chronos, clock time is our default. Created out of the sun’s rising and setting, it is a matrix we live by. We’ve created a whole separate world we teach our children to live in and by and it has become our default setting.

Living in the Eternal Present

Expanding and tweaking Kairos a bit, it is like a child lost in play, timeless, fully alive in the present moment. Kairos as I define it is deep time, living in the present moment, fully awake and fully aware.

To get things done, we don’t need better time management tools and strategies. We need a new state of awareness.

In every creative effort, we step outside of time. Eternity is the birthplace of creation, and we are created in the image and likeness of God. It’s in our God-given nature to yearn to live in the choreography of God, to create with our Creator, to walk in the Spirit of creation.

Living Time

Children at play have stepped outside of time and so do we. Play is the beauty of writing a poem, a song, painting a painting, playing in a band, singing in a choir. Everything we do can become creative. We just need to switch time zones.

In every creative effort, we step outside of Chronos time into Kairos, living time.

Life is lived in Kairos time, yet Kairos time is intentional. We choose it. This is why meditation has gone mainstream.

When we choose to awaken into the living present, our clock time falls into place.

Time reflects our inner state of awareness.

When we become still and seek God we enter Kairos.

It is not only possible to be in the living present and to get everything done, it’s the only way to live.

And it all starts in the morning.

I hope this has been helpful. Has this sparked anything within you? Are there some changes that need to happen?

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Advent: Come, Lord Jesus


The Genius of Liturgy

Liturgy has an ebb and flow throughout the year that helps us to be awake to God, to each other, and to the world around us.  Advent begins in mystery, the divine mystery of the birth of Jesus, God as a little baby. It defies reason and logic. So is the foolishness of God greater than all the wisdom of all people and all time.

The Church Year

The Church year begins on the first Sunday of Advent.  Happy New Year!

It’s time to dive into the mystery of Christ. This is a season of hushed and holy silence, of waiting in stillness, and of the awakening presence within.

Jesus came not as a king to rule us, but as a child, and a servant to win our hearts, change, and to transform us. To welcome us as sisters and brothers, children of God. To enter into the mystery of the second incarnation, Christ in us. So are we sent with this Good News to serve, and win hearts of others, to change and transform our Father’s world as heaven on earth.

Advent Awakening

Come join me as we enter into the mystery, the hushed and holy rest of Advent together.

First: I would love to recommend (Five Stars) the best little Advent book I’ve found: Preparing For Christmas ~ Daily Meditations For Advent by Richard Rohr.

If you’re new to this type of spiritual discipline, you’re in for a treat!  We learn as we go. The point is to move from the spiritual practice into the experience of God’s deep work in our lives, day by day, letting it unfold as it will.

There is no right or wrong way to practice. In fact, we generally learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

Welcome to the journey of Advent!

Secondly: I’ve also opened up a Facebook Group: Advent Awakening if you’re ready for some encouraging interaction. P.S. It is a Safe Place, so trolls will be banned.

Thirdly: We also have a Facebook community: Contemplative Monk


Photo: Robert Holmes Photography



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A Blue Ridge Mountain Vision


I’m not sure who took this picture but this place is in my dreams. This place is holy. I’ve camped here. These are some of the oldest mountains on earth. My ancestors come from the valleys below. I cannot tell you what it means for me to walk across the rocks and boulders of these mountain peaks. I can feel a thousand years deep as my roots sink through the millenniums. Then rising up from the depths within me time falls softly away as I gaze across the timeless rolling mountains, cascading away under the vast bluebird sky. The winds kiss my face and sing to my heart to come fly with the eagles.  Wholeness is what I feel.  Wholeness, belonging and I am home.

This is transcendence. This is what the prophets, sages, and seers of old felt and saw. Maybe you’ve felt it too. I hope so.

Time dissolves into wholeness before the presence of the Eternal One from whom we come, and will return. I am humbled and weep in gratitude for a grace so deep that it reaches even me.

Blessed are the eyes that see. Blessed are the ears that hear. And Blessed is the heart that understands what your Spirit is whispering and wooing our hearts to hear. “Come away, Beloved. Come away with me.”


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