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7 Tips When Life Knocks You Senseless

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So what do you do when life comes crashing in and you’ve been knocked senseless, carried out of the game? We all could use a bit of help here.

1.Take a break. Let go, and breathe.

Don’t try to push on through when everything is falling apart. Do whatever it takes to get some distance. You aren’t your failures. You aren’t your problems.

Statics tell us that between 80 to 95% of everything we worry about, never happens.  We need to Unlearn worrying.  Unlearning: The Art of Letting Go

“Worry’s like a rocking chair~it gives you something to do, but it never takes you anywhere.” ~ country proverb

2. Get centered.

Center into your peace. Take whatever time it takes to settle into your wisdom voice. God has deposited a well spring of wisdom within you. Listen, for the clarity that cuts through the fog.

“The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.” ~Henri Nouwen

3. Take Stock.

See how things really are. Count up the resources you have. And ask God to show you. His vision reveals the invisible abundance all around us. Abundant life is possible with God and impossible without him.

4. Heart Focus. The Power of One.

Focus on the one thing that’s going to make the greatest difference. Don’t be a firefighter, and don’t rush around trying to fix everything and everybody else. Drop whatever you need to drop, to choose what’s most important for you in the long term over the immediate. The enemy of the best, is what’s second best. Choose what’s best, over what’s merely good. And make sure it passes the joy test. If it doesn’t wake up that deep abiding joy, don’t do it. Don’t settle. See what God quickens in your spirit, and grab hold for the ride of your life.

5. Get Wisdom Counsel. Don’t go it alone.

Get some good trusted counsel. No one sees 360 on their own. Nobody. There are those who are gifted with wisdom and insight. Get input and test it. Learn wisdom discernment.

6. Take Baby Steps

All progress is built on our very small and simple steps. As you’ve broken it down to one goal, keep it simple. Don’t do more than three simple baby steps a day. It’s a way we test and refine what we’re doing. Make sure it’s making the biggest difference. This is where we rewire our heart with the heart of God and move into freedom.  Take it slow. Take the smallest possible step you can do.

7. Get Community

Find your community that causes you to grow. Make your own community if you can’t find one. Together we’re better as human beings and as spiritual people.

Life’s a mess and we’re a mess. There’s no perfect group or people.

Grace and forgiveness make life work. Share, give and be graceful and grateful. But most of all be who you are, ‘everybody else is taken.’ Be the mess you are, and ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ ~Gandhi

“A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for troubled times.”

Now, Start with #1. 


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  • Great advice! I think 1 and 4 especially are the steps that are often overlooked in tough times, maybe because they seem counter intuitive, but do truly make a difference.

  • Thanks Tahlia! I have to apply #1 almost daily. 🙂

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