Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

A Blue Ridge Mountain Vision


I’m not sure who took this picture but this place is in my dreams. This place is holy. I’ve camped here. These are some of the oldest mountains on earth. My ancestors come from the valleys below. I cannot tell you what it means for me to walk across the rocks and boulders of these mountain peaks. I can feel a thousand years deep as my roots sink through the millenniums. Then rising up from the depths within me time falls softly away as I gaze across the timeless rolling mountains, cascading away under the vast bluebird sky. The winds kiss my face and sing to my heart to come fly with the eagles.  Wholeness is what I feel.  Wholeness, belonging and I am home.

This is transcendence. This is what the prophets, sages, and seers of old felt and saw. Maybe you’ve felt it too. I hope so.

Time dissolves into wholeness before the presence of the Eternal One from whom we come, and will return. I am humbled and weep in gratitude for a grace so deep that it reaches even me.

Blessed are the eyes that see. Blessed are the ears that hear. And Blessed is the heart that understands what your Spirit is whispering and wooing our hearts to hear. “Come away, Beloved. Come away with me.”


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