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A Centering Meditation of The Heart


Many of us are rediscovering and reclaiming the tap root of our Christian faith which is mystical, timeless and wonderful. Such solitude and rest for our weary souls, in a world gone mad.

Wake-Up O Sleeper and Rise From the Dead

Being awakened in the stillness, we wrap the whole of humanity within ourselves as we pray. Our prayers affect everything.

Our awakened prayer affects the vibration of the universe. Like the butterfly who flatters her gentle wings can have an incredible effect, so our spirit sets things in motion that change things eternally.

Such is the grace of God within every awakened believer.

As we move into the choreography of God through prayer, meditation, and life, we taste the sweetness, the goodness, and the wholeness of God, bubbling up through us like a dance in the river of life.

What we begin in revival we live in restoration.

A Centering Meditation of The Heart

Raise your heart toward God


Allow the stillness to pour forth

into every breath of your being


Allow the spark of joy

To light in your heart


And feel the expanse

that dissolvesĀ into well-being


and freedom from suffering


Allow joy to flicker

like a butterfly of light

as delight draws you

into the Beloved

in worship


the table is set

with three beings

that are one


as you join

the feast of heaven

the dance of eternal

belonging and home

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