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The Contemplative Gift of A Simple Breath Prayer

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A Contemplative Gift

In your devotional time, when you’ve prayed and received forgiveness, that’s the perfect moment to pause and to give thanks.

Dwelling in that space…with a grateful heart for God’s gift of forgiveness…for Jesus…and for filling you with His Holy Spirit…Pause…and take three deep breaths.

And as you shift into your spirit, meditate in this simple breath prayer.

A Heart’s Breath Prayer


Breathe in Forgiveness

Breathe in the Holy Spirit

Breathe in Faith

And Breathe out Thanks

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The cool part is that we get to do this. We don’t have too.

A breath prayer has a rhythm, like the beating of your heart or the waves breaking on shore. Take some time with it. Don’t be in a rush. Try it. Make it your heart’s breath prayer…Allow yourself to settle in.

Be awake and aware as you release everything else.

Simply breathing in forgiveness and breathing out thanks.

Breathing in the Holy Spirit, allow yourself to feel it and expand..then breathing out thanks.

Close your eyes. Letting go of all your expectations, and just experience it…thanking and praising God. And smile. Allow yourself to be happy.

 A cheerful heart is good medicine.

And let me know how it works for you.


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