Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

A Daily Contemplation: Abide+ and Radiate


Our soul’s-life imitates Christ, while our spirit’s-life radiates Christ. Let your light shine.

Formation Is Structural

You’ve probably been admonished to imitate Christ or WWJD, but Christ is simply too vast, too beyond us to imitate. We would need a hundred thousand lifetimes and still never get it right. We need something more, deeper, and sustainable.

Imitation works ‘outside in’, it creates the form and structure that is necessary for the life of our soul.  So formation happens in our soul. As Richard Rohr says in Falling Upward, in the first half of our lives, we create the container of our faith.

Transformation Is Incarnational

Now transformation works ‘inside out’. Intentional spirituality that transforms us is incarnational…Christ in us.

We are born-again in Christ, Right?

Transformation Begins With Our Mess

Transformation begins with the breakdown of our soul’s structures to sustain us. Things work until they don’t.  So, we surrender. We die to our old ‘outside in’ self, so that we can live to new ‘inside out’ self, integrating the eternal into our everyday lives.

Jesus says, ‘apart from me, you can do nothing.‘ Absolutely Nothing! So Jesus tells us to Abide+

The fact is, if we are born-again, we are in Christ, but everytime we’re unconsciously running on auto, we may unconsciously do all the right things, but never know it. (ie form without substance)

A distinction here is that our soul tends to drive us, running unconsciously in the background,  while our spirit draws us, into deeper and fuller consciousness.

Being Consciously In Christ

So this is why Paul admonishes us, “Wake up, O sleeper, arise from the dead, and Christ will shine through you.” And as we are the light of the world, shine and radiate through us.

Transformation is waking up to the spirit, it is practicing our spirit, it is being consciously in Christ. Transformation is the unfolding revelation of God in you and in me.


A Daily Contemplation

Our soul imitates Christ, while our spirit radiates Christ. Let your light shine.
~ Bob Holmes

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