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~ Welcome Home ~


The spiritual life cannot be made suburban. It is always frontier, and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed. ~Howard Macey

Welcome to Contemplative Monk!

You’ve just entered the grace zone. I hope you’re excited and feel a sense of release. This is an absolute no judgment zone. 

I have no idea how you got here, but I’m so glad you did.

I’m Bob Holmes, your resident contemplative. As a  part of Worship on The Water at the Flora Bama Lounge and Package. You might say I’m a monk without a monastery and  belong to  a church without walls, right on the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida-Alabama line.  It’s seriously awesome and radical to the bone.

When Everything Changed

I had a dramatic conversion from Buddhism and Native American Shamanism during the Jesus Movement. And because I was born and grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I’m one of those guys who goes off into the mountains to seek God. And yes, visions. My world view is native as well as analytical.

So what can I do for you? How can I help you in your wisdom quest with God? The reason I started this blog is that I’ve had a recurring dream since I was seven.

My Recurring Dream

I’m walking up this babbling stream, deep in a mountain forest, searching for something. I step over the rocks, as the early morning sunlight shafts through the mists and hemlock trees. I excitedly breathe in the fresh mountain air, taking in the beautiful flowering rhododendrons, and feel the cold waters and sands beneath my feet. It’s one of those moments you can feel everything falling into place. I search and search. climbing up the mountain stream. Then I see it. There buried in mud along the banks, gems of all shapes and sizes, buried in the mud and silt. I dig them up out of the mud, washing them off one by one, holding them up to the light. Then the dream ends.

I discover stuff that’s been lost and buried in our traditions. Things that should never have been forgotten. Most of them are in full sight, but we don’t really see or know what they’re for.

Our Time and Season

We live in a time and a season of recovery in the midst of great chaos. It’s why I’m a Franciscan and why I do Church in a bar.

I’m not here to give you a well-rounded vision. I’m here to help you to zero in on the contemplative, the mystical, and the dynamic that changes our lives eternally. It’s one thing to have a fading memory of our encounter with Jesus, and another to walk with him daily in the cool of the day.

When we’re ‘born again,’ we’ve just walked through the door. And we do need the power, the dunamis of God to become an expert in our giftings and calling. But we need more. And here’s the focus: We need the integration of God’s character and power into our lives and that’s restoration. That’s learning to live out of the finished work of Christ. It’s learning to create with our Creator. And how cool is that!

Our Ever New Life

As our new life in Christ is first and foremost spiritual. And as all true change and transformation begins in our spirit, I want you to get it. I want you to taste it. I want it to become your native land, because it is.

You are a spiritual being who inhabits a body and has a soul.

I want you to get that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I want you to get that your heart and mind can be renewed constantly. And yes, we’re a mess, but God is greater than our mess. We can’t fix ourselves. We can barely begin to get a glimpse of the perfection of God through Jesus.

But You are a child of God. Let that sink in. So you can enter in and get to know your Abba God intimately.  But as God is spirit, you enter in through your spirit, not through your soul. It’s a balanced approach. One of grace and mercy and rest. We enter God’s presence through Jesus and not through ourselves.

Here’s what most of us trip over

Here’s the catch. Because we are created in God’s image, we have access to the eternal through our spirit, but we only have access to our Father through Jesus. One enlightens, while the other transforms. We are hardwired for eternity and we are transformed bit by bit by the Holy Spirit. It’s a win/win combo.

So before you get sidetracked, go ahead and bookmark this page. Better yet, sign up Here.  You don’t want to miss out.

Enjoy, Savor and Grow

So come along  relax, shift, and take a slow, deep Breath.

Grab a cup of  coffee or tea.  Savor the moment, and let’s dive in.


Before I forget: Here’s The Disclaimer if there be Legaholics about 😉

I’m not going to cover the basics of the faith over and over again. I’m not out to convert the converted. I’m not preaching to the choir. And I’m not teaching to the test.

  1. I hope you know Jesus Christ as your Lord, not just a church formula.
  2. I hope you’re already a disciple of Jesus, not just a cultural believer.
  3. I hope you have the Holy Spirit activated in your life, not just living under your own will power.
  4. And I hope you have a working knowledge of Scripture, not just your own spiritual experience.

These help, but they aren’t necessary. We’re all a mess being fashioned by our creator.

Contemplation is about transformation through encounter that enlightens us.

It’s simple, the way it’s meant to be.

~ Enjoy, Savor and Grow ~

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