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Advent: Come, Lord Jesus


The Genius of Liturgy

Liturgy has an ebb and flow throughout the year that helps us to be awake to God, to each other, and to the world around us.  Advent begins in mystery, the divine mystery of the birth of Jesus, God as a little baby. It defies reason and logic. So is the foolishness of God greater than all the wisdom of all people and all time.

The Church Year

The Church year begins on the first Sunday of Advent.  Happy New Year!

It’s time to dive into the mystery of Christ. This is a season of hushed and holy silence, of waiting in stillness, and of the awakening presence within.

Jesus came not as a king to rule us, but as a child, and a servant to win our hearts, change, and to transform us. To welcome us as sisters and brothers, children of God. To enter into the mystery of the second incarnation, Christ in us. So are we sent with this Good News to serve, and win hearts of others, to change and transform our Father’s world as heaven on earth.

Advent Awakening

Come join me as we enter into the mystery, the hushed and holy rest of Advent together.

First: I would love to recommend (Five Stars) the best little Advent book I’ve found: Preparing For Christmas ~ Daily Meditations For Advent by Richard Rohr.

If you’re new to this type of spiritual discipline, you’re in for a treat!  We learn as we go. The point is to move from the spiritual practice into the experience of God’s deep work in our lives, day by day, letting it unfold as it will.

There is no right or wrong way to practice. In fact, we generally learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

Welcome to the journey of Advent!

Secondly: I’ve also opened up a Facebook Group: Advent Awakening if you’re ready for some encouraging interaction. P.S. It is a Safe Place, so trolls will be banned.

Thirdly: We also have a Facebook community: Contemplative Monk


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