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An Open Letter To The Church

What we are unaware of cannot be changed.

We in the South, have a generational complicit blindness to racism and sexism. It’s called ‘the good ole boy network’ and it’s institutionalized within our churches and our communities. It’s deferred to in honor.

Arrogant pride spiritually blinds individuals and whole communities. It’s spiritual cancer that runs deep in the church here, just under the surface, unawares. We don’t see it. And what we are unaware of, we can’t own up to, much less change. The Southern church is complicit and unaware of its racism and sexism. We plead with you, the whole church to come help rescue us from our own certain destruction.

Speak tenderly to us, shake, and wake us up into the morning breaking on our hearts. Now is the time for our repentance, and the forgiveness of God. Now is the time for us to wake up and to let God transform us. Now is the time for restitution and restoration.

O LORD break our chains of deception. 

Abide in Christ+

Bob Holmes



The dark is getting darker and the light is getting brighter as the dark folds in on itself and the light expands at the coming of our Lord.

Be children of Light. Be the Grace and Truth of Christ in this world. Be+

Be the love of God to those suffering unaware. Carry their burdens, visit them in prison, feed and clothe the poor and homeless. Make room for Christ in the stable of your heart.


Oh God, grant me an undivided heart to love and serve you today with my whole heart, mind, strength, and soul. Open my eyes to see you and serve you in the ordinary events of this day. May love radiate through me. Amen.



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