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Awaken Now


Awaken now O slumbering spirit

Open my heart unto the day

Creation’s light is now revealing

The glory of God in grand display.


Do you see out on the waters

Do you see there in the streets

Visions of the Holy Spirit

There within your deepest dreams.


Seeking not grand lofty visions

Jesus walked in earthly clay

Seek the healing love between us

Fruit to heal the sick decay.


Open wide the heavens windows

There within our deepest heart

Breathe the light that flows like water

Healing every broken part.



Picture: Pensacola Life

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  • Tish Pilelis-Gamez

    Oh, I love this… lovely, just lovely.

  • Thanks Tish!

  • Heather Bellamy

    I just copied this out and stuck it on my wall. I don’t normally do that. This just really spoke to me for some reason. Thank you 🙂

  • Thank You Heather! That blesses my heart!

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