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The Lost Book of Job


The analytical and fundamental angst of our age have little use for the book of Job. But Job holds the answers and the theology we most need.

The answers of Job’s friends are brilliant, penetrating, full of insight. But we approach Job much like Mackenzie Phillips, in William P. Young’s book The Shack. We run from Job, and from facing our darkness. Each of us has a shack where we dwell in our brokenness. Here’s the kicker: It’s when we enter into our brokenness with the light of God’s presence, we begin being transformed.

Job, one of the oldest books ever written, holds the answers to our deepest questions about life, meaning, suffering, purpose, fulfillment, healing, and wholeness. But the answers are not linear, analytical, or dualistic.

Job teaches us that answers, philosophy, and theology are never enough.

Only the presence of God answers our deepest doubt, fulfills our deepest need, and makes us whole.

This is the mystical imperative, this is the imperative of Belief, that we experience God like Adam knew Eve. This is our entering into oneness, wholeness, and life.

Only in Christ are our questions met, our duality united, and our brokenness healed.

The Wisdom of God is Presence and the wisdom of God is relational…ie. within.

Contemplation is simply our entering the spirit of oneness from the duality of our soul. 

Not that we abandon our soul, but that we lead with our spirit, and our soul becomes our faithful servant, ceasing to be our raging tyrant.

We lead from our true self as we die to our ‘old,’ broken, fallen self.

We die daily that we might live a resurrected life, an incarnational life, an in Christ in us life.

Paul says, “If you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is...

With our linear mind, these things are nonsense, but with the mind of Christ, they are golden.

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