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Book of The Month Review: Spiritual Discipline Handbook

What is your one word for the year?

Mine is Worship. I’m taking this year to look at my worship: the forms and the substance.

Choosing a word for the year to focus on is a spiritual practice, much like a silent mantra that draws us

Why worship?


We become what we worship because we worship with our spirit.

In worship, we face God in his radiant glory and are transformed from glory to glory.

Spiritual disciplines are tools for worship, ways we practice our spirit.

In worship, we are transformed from the inside out. 

Here’s  the best, all in one book of spiritual disciplines I’ve found. Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun lists seventy-five distinct spiritual disciplines that probably cover every personality type.

Here’s The Scoop On Spiritual Disciplines

When most of us, when we think of spiritual disciplines, we think of prayer, devotionals, Bible reading, or worship. But in fact, because of our God-given creativity, the list is ever expanding. For instance, Cross-Fit has become a spiritual discipline for many Christians in America.

Spiritual Disciplines are ways we sweep the threshold. Ways we clear away the debris, set our focus, and shift, so we can engage our spirit. 

Spiritual disciplines are practices or ways we set up our spirit for:

  1. Inner Transformation
  2. Encounter with God
  3. And External Integration in our lives, family, and community.

Here’s a great book with great reviews and endorsement that will enrich your spiritual life.



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