Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

As We Breathe The Breath of Heaven

There is an unknowing, an unlearning

Our preconceptions are unraveled, unwoven, untied and frayed in your Presence

We are undone

Our very molecules, naked, on the verge of being unmade

Nothing we have or are avails us

But for your love  Jesus

Drawing and welcoming us into our unmaking, our unknowing

our rebirth in you

Your breath recreates us in your welcoming

Our acceptance, our belonging, with your eternal embrace of love


So we pause time

and enter in

being woven with the threads of eternal life

the eternal character

of God moving through our heart, soul, and sinew

transforming the very earth we walk upon

with heaven

bearing the presence of God


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  • Love!

  • Thanks Robert! Love ya man!

  • Beautiful, Bob, oh Poet of God! A lovely reflective poem. Thank you. 🙂

  • Thank You Joy for your kind words and for sharing it!

  • Mr. Holmes — I don’t know you other than being introduced through Rob Rife, a mutual brother. But having read your poetry, I think I can connect and deeply resonate with the journey God has you on (and me too — and every Contemplative, for that matter). Thank you for your profound sharing here. It only serves to feed the soul with all that is sacred in the mundane.

  • Thank you Pake? I’m so glad it resonates with you.

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