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Bringing on the Awe

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We live lives that are punctuated by the awe of God.  ~Click to Tweet

Awesome is a word I use a lot, and it’s intentional. When I hear, read, or see something expansive, I see the awe of God in it. So, I choose awesome as a spiritual practice.  Confirming it ignites, and solidifies the eternal I’m aware of. I imagine it will expand my vision too.

We Are Part of a Never Ending Story

For the Believer, eternal life is the beginning point, not the end game of our life in Jesus.

There’s no end game to our spiritual life…no arrival, no finish, not in this life. Jesus even ups the ante when He says to Martha, “…and anyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” What Jesus says astounds me. It brings on the awe.

Our Spiritual Life is a Journey

Our spiritual life is a journey of soaking in our total acceptance, and being transformed by God. We live a life punctuated by the awe of God. So when I see God orchestrating  my life around me, I’m humbled and dumbfounded.

Jesus has already done the work. He ‘s accomplished what we could never do. Our job is acceptance and removing the obstacles to God’s expansion in our lives. God’s love is our deepest motivation, so our self, and our spiritual pride have no place in it.

Awakening Awareness

My encouragement to you today is to simplify your life by taking the time to literally soak in God’s presence. It unfolds us, and prepares us to be apart of bringing on the awe.

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