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Burning One’s

 Walking With Wisdom ~ Burning One’s

Do We Really Know Who We Are?

At a time like this, I feel like I’m caught between two worlds. Maybe you do too.

Conservatives call me a Liberal. Liberals call me a Conservative. In Theology, as well as Politics, I am neither far-Right nor far-Left. I’m neither looney Left nor blood-sucking Right. But if I’m honest, I’m a little of both, and more…we include and transcend them in Jesus.

Yes, I’m saying that being in Jesus, having the mind of Christ, is a higher consciousness, God’s perspective through our eyes.

Being in the middle, between it all with Jesus is the burning spot. Everything is on fire, being proven and purified. It is the prophetic point of vision and eternal life. It is the living place of both and…

Jesus never sided with the far right, nor the far left of his day, (the Pharisees, nor the Sadducees).
Jesus stood with the poor, the outcasts, and the sinners in the fires of life.

Jesus healed,
calling out to the broken,
the losers,
and the downtrodden,
calling to anyone with ears to hear,
to Himself,
into the Creator’s fire of transformation,
to be reborn in the fires of eternal life.
He still does,
and so do we
who are in Him.
We are the burning one’s
Burning with the creative,
eternal fire of God
not consumed,
sparkling with eternal life.
Beings of light,
Born of the Father of lights.

Do We Really Know Who We Are?


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