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It’s Time To Begin ~ Christian Meditation

Paular Monastery, started building on 1390. A ...

Paular Monastery, started building on 1390. A place for peace and meditation, where 11 Benedictines monks are living just praying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Through the study of books one seeks God; by meditation one finds Him.”  ~ Saint Padre Pio

Christian meditation has been abandoned to the mystics, and to the quacks for far too long. Too long has it been relegated to trite, or obligatory rituals. For between these two extremes, the vast ether of the saints, and the slow daily grind of ritual, is Christian meditation.

From this point we embark upon an exploratory journey of beauty, depth, and transcendent wonders, of the presence and majesty of God.

The Essence is Intimacy

The essence of Christian meditation is our growing intimacy with God. It’s Being Present in the presence of God, entering into God’s Rest. It’s walking with God, as you would with a friend. It’s silent worship on our face, awe struck with wonder, being dumbfounded at God’s vast, limitless, eternal Majesty.  Meditation moves our heart into a living, growing relationship with God.

Whatever else, the only possible response of meditating in God’s presence, is worship.

Essence Is The Goal of Form

Christian meditation, regardless of what form it takes, is a deep inward response to God, a yearning from the very ground of our being. A yearning that causes us to grow in intimacy, grace, wonder.

Christian Meditation is not knowing about God, it’s knowing God intimately. It is tasting and finding out, that God is good. Christian meditation is abiding in the vine, it’s dwelling with God. It’s being seated in the heavenlies, as we walk in the Spirit on earth.

Come join me in this exploratory journey into Christian Meditation.

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