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Christianity In Three Parts

I love this new generation of Believers who are questioning Christianity and themselves at their very core. Where knowing God moves us into a deep mysticism and a deep therapeutic transformation at the very core of our being.

Probably the most revolutionary book I’ve found, besides Scripture is Falling  Upward by Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM.

In it Fr. Richard argues for the structure we need for transformation.

Get this book!

The Three Levels of Jesus

Christianity Level One: Doing Jesus

I don’t know about you but I love doing Jesus. I love doing the forms and the good solid structure we’ve developed in Liturgical Worship, in Contemporary Worship, and in Bible work. Doing life together.

Christianity Level Two: Living Jesus

I also love living Jesus. I love just practicing what we preach: family, at home, at work, in politics, and in life. Living Jesus to everyone we meet.

Christianity Level Three: Becoming to Be Jesus

But most of all, I love being Jesus, where mysticism becomes therapy.

Where our mess is tested, refined, and proven again and again.

Where we learn to be comfortable holding our questions in God’s presence, even like Job.

Where our doubt deconstructs like a refiner’s fire, revealing the immortal diamond of God with grace and mercy within us.

Where we are restored as we walk in the eternal, creating with our creator.

Where we learn to Abide+, integrate, and flow in the eternal presence of God.

Living in Grace, Mercy, and Peace,


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