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How Christians Come off as Small Minded, Mean Spirited Bigots


I’m weighing in on this.

I saw this post from several friends today. In fact, they’re my brothers and sisters. I generally see them as leaders in the Body of Christ. But this is only one in a long line of daily slanders, a liturgy of slander.  I mean seriously, the guy went home for Christmas.

But the sides and agenda’s of the right or the left aren’t the point here.

What disturbs me is the spirit behind this kind of slander. What happened to honor where honor is due, and praying for our leaders? Is there an opt out when you disagree with someone? Or when your enemy ticks you off?

Jesus never displayed this kind of attitude or arrogance. And Paul even apologized when it caught him off guard.

What spirit slanders instead of praying for their leaders? Tell me, what has the slander of Believers done to us? Making us into his image?

We come off as small minded, mean spirited bigots when we act like this, and then we expect the world to hear our message? Oh, they’ve heard our message alright, but it wasn’t about Jesus, or the love of God, or the forgiveness of sins.

We need an attitude adjustment. Our Old Testament tactics  will never bring about a New Testament life.

Don’t Be a J Edgar Hoover Christian.

Be a disciple of Jesus, and model the Kingdom of God. The world is waiting.

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