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Fresh Start

Ah, couldn’t we all use a clean fresh start?

I think I’ve finally got this blog set up. And I really like this simple format. The email link is broken and I want to add Disqus, but I’ll figure that out eventually.

The one thing I’m missing, is knowing how I can encourage you in your spiritual life.

You see, it’s all too easy to share my way of doing things with God and totally miss what you need.

Now, I’ve got some massive topics I’ll share, because I think they’ll be helpful to the whole church. One is how we relate as the Whole Body of Christ. We’ve steeped in our divisiveness for far too long.

Presently, I’m working on the spirituality of sleep. This is a subject our sleep deprived culture desperately needs to address. It’s effects our whole life. I’m working on a sleep ritual I hope will help a lot of people. My working title is: Falling In Love With Your Sacred Sleep.

You do know the Jewish day begins at sunset? Think about what that means.

But first off, I want to know what excites you and lights a fire under you.  As Contemplatives, the reality of God and eternity is everywhere. We’re just unaware of it. We blindly pass by a million ways to enter the presence of God every day. Pain can thrust us in. Love can compel us. Following our deep desire to contribute and make a difference can lead us in. And prayer can certainly open the door.

I want to encourage you.

As a lot of you guys are on Facebook, I’ll post this there. And hopefully I’ll get Disqus up soon. And Remember: You can always email me at:

Maybe we could set up a Facebook group for discussion? What do you think?

Always yours,


PS: What one thing would help you most?

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