Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

The Miracle of Mutual Dwelling: Abiding in Christ

It's Harvest Time in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon -Reji via Compfight

Contemplation cultivates the inner flame of God’s Spirit within ours. That holy and quiet fire of eternal life burns and awakens more and more of our whole being, so that we become more and more human, and more holy.

Abiding In Christ

Our lives are transformed and integrated as we “abide in the vine.” Like grape vines, our growth is from the inside out.

We use practices and disciplines like the farmer uses their tools, trellises, and pruning shears, to cultivate our growth. We can also amend the soil of our soul for greater fruitfulness. But our growth is always up to God. We can do nothing by ourselves.  So our job is to dwell, to abide in Jesus.

Mutual Dwelling

Take time to dwell with Jesus. Capture this moment with eternity, and breathe in the Holy Spirit. And so let the quiet fire of devotion burn with eternal life within you.

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