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We Get to Choose If We’re Driven or Drawn


We are created a triune: spirit, soul and body

Ignorance is falling in the dark and not knowing why.

So why does it matter, distinguishing the difference between our body, soul, and spirit?

It matters because

When we ask our soul to do what only our spirit can do, we are falling in the dark, and wondering why.

Truly, when we ask our soul to do what only our spirit can do, we end up with a dysfunctional spirituality, a caricature, an imitation instead of the real thing. It looks real, but we know it isn’t. It isn’t the real diamond, it’s the man-made one.

This is the core reason why there’s so much division in the body of Christ. It’s when we’re living from our old self instead of our true self. Division happens because our soul divides to distinguish, while our spirit discerns to unify. Or better yet, our soul dwells in duality, while our spirit dwells in unity.

God is spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. 

We may have the truth codified in our traditions, but when we worship with our soul, we create a dysfunctional spirituality bordering on the brink of superstition.

What makes it worse, our soul-centered life is our default setting, while our spirit-centered life is intentionally chosen, every single morning.

So Test, Test, Test, and Discern. See the subtle differences between your soul and your spirit.

If we continually push ourselves, we will wear ourselves out; but if we are drawn, we enter the flow, and we will see God.

So instead of being driven by fear, choose to be drawn by inspiration. God draws us into his presence.

Our soul pushes and drives us, while our spirit draws and empowers us…through our heart, our spirit draws us higher up and further in.

Hear this:

Our soul is a terrible taskmaster, but a wonderful servant.

If our spirit has a vision, our soul, like a google search engine, will gather all the information and ideas up to make it so.

Our soul magnifies what our spirit has experienced.

So we are human beings after all, with our ‘being’, being the operative word. We are not human doings. When our ‘being,’ our spirit, is in charge, under the influence of God, miracles happen.

Truly, God is spirit, and those who worship God must worship in spirit…

It is critical you understand the difference between your soul and your spirit.

It’s the difference between our old, fallen, broken, monkey mind self, pushing you; as opposed to our new, whole, true and I might say, eternal self (as we are in Christ) leading us.

God leads you by drawing you. It’s the mark of spirituality.  Anything else drives you.

Our heart will draw us up out of our soul, into our spirit if we allow it to.

Your heart knows the way home.

Jesus life, his essence in you, is spiritual. It’s what being Christian means. A spiritual life is an inside out lifestyle. Our soul imitates while our spirit radiates.

We call devotions, spiritual practice for a reason. In spiritual practice we are practicing our spirit.

Can you see it?

Better than mental assent, which is soul-centered, our belief practices our spirit.

Allow your heart to draw you into God.

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  • Oh yes: “God leads you by drawing you. It’s the mark of spirituality. Anything else drives you.” So true, Bob! God offers us a gentle, holy invitation to join the sacred dance, whereas our souls prefer to be the one leading all the steps. And woe betide you if you’re dancing differently than your brother or sister! Each one of us hears and responds individually to being Spirit-led, rather than being coerced and driven into a soul-led state we might later regret. Good thoughts, Brother! 🙂

  • How did I miss this? Sorry Joy. I always love your thoughts. You seriously nailed it Joy! Thank You.

  • No problem, Bob, I know how life’s busyness can easily derail us. And sometimes an urge to pen the new can make us forget to check back on older posts. Thank you for your kindness. I think YOU “seriously nailed it” here, my friend! 🙂

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