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From Dualism to Wholeness

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Jesus says, “Dwell in me as I dwell in you.” It is this divine in-dwelling that is eternal life. ~Henri Nouwen

So I ask myself: Are our spiritual life, and our spiritual structures mutually exclusive? For me, it feels that way most of the time, unless I am in Oneness.

The old saying is true, “Opposites attract.”

One Gives Rise to the Other

Forms and disciplines rarely if ever, will lead us into our spiritual life. They may provide the space for God to act, or a place of permission to enter in. But it’s God that draws us in, and not our structures.

It’s usually our spiritual life that leads us into forms and structures to support, simplify, and amplify our lifestyle. Healthy spiritual structures nurture sustainability through community, within our culture.

Simply put:

We include both form and substance and transcend into life. Hence, we live the life of Christ on earth.

Abundant life and living wholeness is what Christian mysticism is all about. As we do spiritual life with God alone, we’re drawn into the deeper expression of the Body of Christ in our common life. ┬áIt’s because love is never lived out in isolation. Even for introverts. Love yearns for shared expression.

We yearn to live out our spiritual wholeness, and this is what good structures and our spiritual practices support, simplify and amplify…our life in Christ.

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