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So Fresh From Eternity


Are you a snack reader? Do you search from book to book for ways to express your heart of hearts? Are you an explorer of ideas, concepts and wisdom? Are you looking for the deep and eternal love of God cast as splintered light across the imagination of mankind? Do you hold a child and see eternity in their eyes? Have you walked the windswept cliffs beside the crashing seas, or the mountain peaks, held in the vastness of space?

We are all hardwired for eternity, or better yet, nothing is as precious ‘as to hold a child so fresh from eternity’. It’s in our spiritual DNA. The image of God is stamped upon us, and we search for it to come forth. As St Augustine wrote, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rests you.” …we areĀ like a weaned child that rests on their mother.

So as we gaze upon the One, in whose image we were created, we are transformed. And like our child gains its sense of being from our gaze, we in essence, become what we worship. In Jesus, we come…


~ Contemplative Monk ~Reflections

Pictures: My Grandson

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