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The Gift of Wholeness

To live fully in the present moment is to live in wholeness.

Prayer, then, is listening to that voice ~ to the One who calls you the Beloved. ~Henri Nouwen

No matter how deep, chronic, or severe. No matter how many times we’ve failed. No matter how far we’ve fallen. In fact, it doesn’t matter how broken or how much of a mess you are, it begins and ends with God. It’s not up to you in any way. It doesn’t matter where or what shape you’re in, you can always enter into the wholeness of God, at anytime, and anywhere.

Holiness is wholeness in God and not any private perfection. ~Richard Rohr

We can only realize wholeness by experiencing wholeness in God. We may get a feeling or a touch of it in our spirit, but we can’t fix ourselves. We can’t think or act our way into wholeness. Perfection is beyond us in every way.

We can only receive it, taste it, test it, as we live out of our wholeness in our ordinary lives. The good new is, that we can receive it, and live it.

This is what abiding in Christ does. We grow into our wholeness as we abide in the Vine. It’s a co-dwelling, a flow of abundant life that mingles with our own life, transforming us into something fresh, vibrant and fragrant…the fragrance of the fruit of the Spirit of wholeness. This is what wholeness does.

Let’s live a life of wholeness.

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