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How to Break Through Scripture

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A Short Spiritual Reading Primer

It seems to me that most of our reading is left brain and analytical by nature, while spoken poetry moves us from our left brain toward our right brain, poetry being more intuitive by nature.

Music, on the other hand, especially songs, seem more whole brain, as music speaks to our heart.

Spiritual writings of all types and genres are more whole brain, being both analytical and intuitive by nature, but the intuitive heart is its focus front and center. Spiritual writing speaks to our whole heart.

If we read spiritual writings only with our analytical brain, they don’t make a lot of sense, if any.

Scripture is written to be read with our whole brain, our whole being, our whole heart.

We’ve had generations who’ve dissected¬†and parsed Scripture with our left, analytical brain. An interesting and sometimes helpful exploration, but it misses the point: Transformation by God.

Deep reading (reading with our whole being, sometimes called Lectio Divina) opens our spirit to the eternal, making transformation possible.

Jesus says it this way:

“The words I speak to you are spirit and they are life.”

So when we shift into our eternal present, (which is one way we are created in the image of God), we are able to receive “spirit and life” and enter in. Through Jesus, we enter into the mysteries of God.

My point here it this: With devotional, or our spiritual reading, we begin to learn to shift into our whole being. We don’t drop our analytical mind, but we do subjugate it to our spirit. We enhance it by coming into our whole being.

After all, we’re designed this way: spirit, soul and body, as human Beings.


An Afterthought: This is why Liturgies developed with smells and bells, and standing and kneeling, singing and praying together…to help us to open up, to our whole being, that we might enter in…

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