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Living Fully in the Present Moment

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Something I’ve noticed about living in the present moment is about how our mind works as we do it. I call it whole thinking.

Here’s a few things to chew on:

What is Whole Thinking?

Simply put, whole thinking is seeing things in wholes rather than in opposites. It’s a framework of being that affects the way we see, think and feel about things. It doesn’t nullify our discernment. It sees through them into the heart of things.

You have to be in the present rather than wandering the past or the future to think wholistically.

It’s a still point way of seeing things. But it’s also seeing with our spirit, soul and body.

It’s an expansive way of thinking, feeling and being in this moment. It’s as much earthly as it is heavenly.

It’s transcendence integrated into our lives. It’s living heaven on earth. It’s how Jesus lived his life. And it’s how Jesus lives in our lives.

This is abundant life.

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