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Lent: Deconstructing Into Wholeness



I never understood Lent. I never got it. I’ve always thought Lent was some superstitious season where you give up chocolate so God will bless you. Not until now. Not until this year.

We’re living in a time of deep social and spiritual upheaval. We’re off autopilot, and we’re reassessing everything. I believe that we as a people, and as a nation are in a season of Lent.

What are you going to do with it?

In your relationships with one another, have the same mind as Christ Jesus: Though he was God, he didn’t think of equality with God as something to grasp, rather, he emptied himself, taking the very nature of a servant, being born a human being. And being found in the form of a man, he humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. ~ Philippians 2:5 

Lent is the church season we die to ourselves, lament our loss, fast, and pray, to be enabled to live a resurrected incarnational ‘Christ in us’ life. No one lives a resurrected life without dying daily.

Here are some observations I want to share with you. I hope they’ll stir your heart, and you’ll find them useful.

What are you going to do?

Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us and abide in us, forevermore.



Notes: Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Lent comes from the Anglo Saxon word lencten, which means “spring.” The forty days represents the time Jesus spent in the wilderness, enduring the temptation of Satan and preparing to begin his ministry.

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter. It is a time of self-examination and reflection. In the early church, Lent was a time to prepare new converts for baptism.

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