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The Measure of a Sage

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A Sage is a spiritual director between the generations who imparts a deep integrated wisdom.

We’ve lost something in our culture that should never have been forgotten. In times of crisis, we desperately need a calming word, the perspective of the ages, and a spiritual impartation from our elders.

I’ve come to see that as we grow older, our past, present and future begin to converge into our present, and the veil becomes very thin. 

This is the job and the calling of  a sage: to be the spiritual director between the generations. I want to encourage every one of you who think you might have this deep calling, to take your place. Even as a sage, it’s progress, not perfection. You’ll never get it perfectly. Leave that up to God.

You’re desperately needed. You are the spiritual bridge, the custodian of the generations. You know things it takes a lifetime to learn. Don’t leave this generation alone. Help them navigate life.

The sage is the spiritual bridge, the custodian of the generations.

We all need a sage in our lives . Someone who speaks deeply into us like no other. As Believers, we have Jesus who speaks through the Holy Spirit within us. But God also has others who like the Paraclete, draws beside us in our journey to impart into us, deep and profound wisdom.

Throughout history Sages have been grandparents, and elders, prophets, and seers, and wise women. And occasionally it can be a pastor or counselor, spiritual director, or even at times, we may be forced to become our own Sage. But whoever it is:

A Sage does more than teach, train, or mentor, a sage imparts their spirit, as well as their wisdom.

That is the measure of a Sage

Being a sage isn’t a given of age. There’s plenty of  us who aren’t. We’ve all seen it, “There’s no fool like an old fool.” Yes, we’re all frail, broken human beings. But there’s a deep wisdom that’s only learned over time. It seasons our soul with our spirit. And there are no short cuts to it. The 10,000 hour rule is just a beginning.

Wisdom seasons our soul with the spirit.

The old saying is true, “When the disciple is ready, the master appears.” We may think we choose a sage, but really, it’s the sage who chooses us. They intuitively know when we’re ready to hear, ready to change.

We live in an instant society, information at the blink of an eye. But having and giving the right answers is pretty shallow in the scheme of things. On the other hand,

True wisdom always awakens our heart and lightens our eyes.

The sage brings a breath of fresh air into our deepest pain. A wisdom to meet us in the midst of our sorrow and great loss, to comfort us. Hope that opens our hearts to grace and truth and mercy.

It causes us to mount up with wings like eagles, to see and go where we’ve never even dreamed of before. Love and grace to cover our deepest weaknesses, as we begin to heal through forgiveness, compassion, and mercy.

You have the wealth of a lifetime to give, and combine that with God, it’s unbeatable.

Abide in love.


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