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Meditation Is Remembering ~ Gems From the Streams of Wisdom

Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and your waves have rolled over me. ~ Psalm 42:7

Diving Into Deep Waters

Deep spiritual work like meditation and contemplation is in remembering how to feel from the inside out ~  love, joy, peace, belonging, and wholeness in their eternalness. It is recapturing in our heart what has always been there with God from before the beginning. For you were with God before you were born.

Deep spiritual work is removing the gunk and blockages out of our springs of life at the seat of our being so that the waters of life will flow freely. Yet there’s fallout from the Fall, we can’t get at.

But the fact that we all are created in the image and likeness of God means that we all, every single one of us has the capacity to experience the eternal as it is in the universe and in all creation. We can all experience cosmic, or universal consciousness. So, this is one aspect of practicing meditation.

Is There A Christian distinctive to all this?

The distinctive that Believers bring to the table is that in Adam we are all human beings, but in Christ, we are becoming life-giving spirits. ~ Selah

The Christian spiritual distinctive is that Jesus came so that our springs of life might be freely flowing through us in three transformational aspects: That we might be awakened, renewed, and restored. This spiritual work is deeply incarnational and works out of us, not in..

Working It Out With Others

In integrating our spiritual transformation, we do deep spiritual work with others like Spiritual Directors, Pastors, Priests, Therapists, Elders, Sages, the people we work with, and whoever God puts in our path. Our spirituality integrates into us through our community. It’s how we’re hardwired.

As fruit is grown not given, so our character is grown, not given. We grow in grace and the eternal life of Christ inside out. Again, our real work is to surrender, allowing God to remove and heal our suffering. Our work of forgiveness plays a huge part in living an abundant life so we’ll be taking a deep dive look at forgiveness in a future post.

Abundance Is The Life of God

There is a deep hunger for peace and healing.

Every awakened believer is a force for peace and healing in this world. The answer to this world’s suffering is Christ in you and me together. Live as a life-giving spirit, and share the good news.

Radiate the joy of the Lord from within, and let it flow.


Picture: Luis Borges Alves

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