Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

A Walking Meditation in An Old Growth Forest


iPhone: Bob Holmes

Something happens when you walk into an old growth forest. Time warps and you find yourself in a different space.

You can feel a presence, as the brush of eternity sweeps over you…calling out to you like voices in the rain.

As our internal noise begins to settle out, we suddenly hear the echo of a songbird. The wind whispers through the trees. You look up at the splintered sunlight, cascading through the waving forestĀ and above all, the white billowing clouds, transform and sail across a bluebird sky.

A small stream gurgles and sings beside the pathway as you venture on. It twists and runs off, chasing a deeper green.

What we brought in now feels distant, as if from another lifetime.

The smells of growth, and green and fresh earth fill our lungs, with a feeling that’s vaguely familiar, that finally settles into a quiet rhythm of breath.

A feeling of home and a feeling of other, like the echo of Eden, on a peaceful summer’s evening, as the sun shadows run through an old growth forest .

We are thankful and grateful, at being awake in the wonder of this present moment.


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