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Walking Through An Old Growth Forest





Have you ever walked in an old growth forest?

Something happens as you listen and smell and feel, time begins to warp and expand.

You can feel a presence, as the brush of eternity sweeps over you…calling out like voices in the wind.

Things begin to quieten as we hear the echo of a whip-o-will.

The wind whispers through the trees, as the splintered sunlight catches our eyes, cascading through the waving forest. Looking up the white billowing clouds sail across a bluebird sky.

A small stream gurgles and sings beside the pathway as we venture on. It twists and runs off, chasing a deeper green.

What we brought in now feels distant, as if from another lifetime.

The smells of old growth and green and fresh earth fills our heart with a feeling vaguely familiar, that finally settles into a quiet rhythm of breath.

A feeling of home and a feeling of other, like the echo of Eden, on a peaceful summer’s evening, as the sun shadows run through an old growth forest.




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