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On Information, Formation, and Transformation

“Our analytical mind keeps us safely earthbound within the counsels of our soul, while our intuitive heart calls us out into the realms of our spirit to soar.”
~Bob Holmes

Many of us are worn out and weary of the constant intellectual approach to the Christian life with its limited scope and restrictive application. So many Believers in our digital age move from church to church, searching for ‘the secret sauce,’ or they’ve abandoned the church altogether becoming the vastly growing number of spiritually homeless,  ie ‘spiritual but not religious.’

It’s past time for a heart-centered wholistic approach to ordering our lives for transformation.


To set ourselves up for transformation, our heart and not our head must lead the way in our approach to information, and formation.

Being informed of grace and truth, and being formed by our rituals and practices may prepare us for transformation, but they have become our goal for far too long. They prepare the threshold but we must enter in. This is the mystical imperative.

The Mystical Imperative

I submit to you that our heart intuitively knows the Way and not our fundamentalism in any of its forms. It is a delusion, a mirage that kills our heart and enslaves our will, giving the outer appearance as Jesus spoke, “You white-washed tombs.”

Theology and form assure us of nothing unless our heart leads the way.

Our heart’s song ascends into our spirit and crosses the threshold into the arms of God, as a lover. For it is love alone that conquerors suffering, death, and the grave…Love manifest in Jesus Christ our Lord who’s own we are in Christ.

Everything resolves and integrates through our heart.

Our heart is the fulcrum point of lives.

Is your heart setting you up for transformation?


Recommended Resource: Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation by Ruth Haley Barton

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