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On Putting Your Mind into Your Heart



I recently was asked, “How does one put their mind into their heart?”

The image above is a stylized image of the sacred heart of Jesus which I believe is at the core of what this question asks.

In spiritual matters, I’m discovering that answers are more like the unfolding of a flower rather than an analytical point to point journey. It’s more than Sergeant Friday famously said, “Just the facts ma’am.” This is because our analytical, binary mind understands things linearly from point A to point B while our intuitive heart, however, sees the process. It’s the old adage,  are you looking at the forest or at a tree analogy.

So, we put our mind into our heart and seek God. We put our binary, dualistic mind into our intuitive heart and let our heart lead. We cultivate our heart and let it guide us.

This is what Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you O Lord, my strength and my redeemer is talking about.

God has put a new heart and a new spirit within you in Christ, and this can’t be analytically apprehended. It must be experienced.

I hope this helps.

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