Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

Prayers of Awakening


Too long have we been asleep in the light

Too long have we sought shelter in darkness

Sleepwalking, we slumber through life

Far too long we’ve been blind while seeing

Deaf while hearing.


Awaken us

O Awaken us Beloved,

For you are ever with us,

Without and within,

In a thousand different ways

In the stars at night

In the winds through the trees

In the flowers at our feet

Light breaking

Shinning through the fabric

of all creation

Surrounding us

With love

Without and within.


Awaken us O Christ

into the Grand Mystery

Open our eyes

to see


Open our ears

to hear your quickening word

Pouring into our hearts

Deep Wisdom

that yearns us

to cross the threshold

into Your Presence


with healing wholeness.


Awaken, Awaken

Awaken my Beloved

This slow and slumbering heart

into the fullness

of the timeless present

That we might walk together

in the cool of the day


In the winds of heaven

Dancing upon the earth.


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