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A State of Grace

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Diving Into Flow

We’ve all had those moments…those Aha’s when we’re startled, finding ourselves suddenly wide awake, in the spirit of flow. The energy, vibration, and resolution of focus is crystal clear. We see and understand things we never knew before. We are experiencing life on a whole new level. It’s electric. This is our starting point.

Athletes call this flow. It clarifies everything. In flow, an athlete’s awareness shifts from their body into their spirit by means of their breath.

Monks, mystics, and sages have moments where the flow of the spirit sweeps them up into the presence of God…moments of awe, of even shocking awareness, we call it a state of grace.

Flow is a state of being where we line up the way we are created to work, with our spirit in the lead. 

In Flow:


 Moving Into States and Stages

Flow is a ‘state’ we shift ‘into and our of’, like going to a killer worship service. But it’s also a ‘stage’ we can develop where we dwell in our daily life.  Jesus is always calling us up into this state of grace where spiritual life flows through us like a river as we abide in the Vine.

Think about abundant life as the life-flow of God that grows the character of God within us…the fruit of the Holy Spirit. It’s where gifts are given through grace, and fruit is grown through our intentional abiding in this ‘flow,’ this dwelling, with our being in Jesus. This is how we grow the eternal fruit of God in the garden of our heart. It’s mind-blowing, but Jesus says it, ‘apart from me you can do nothing.’

It’s only as we dwell in the eternal life-flow of God’s Spirit, that we are able to live an abundant life. 

The Spirituality of Ebb and Flow

There is a danger among newbies, where we want to stay in the flow, no matter what. We even spiritualize it. It can become addictive. But in God’s design, there is an ebb and flow to spirituality.

Again, there’s a rhythm to spirituality, an ebb and flow like the ocean’s tides. There is an embracing and releasing as we yield to God’s choreography, much like a dance moving from person to person.  Flow is where we ‘work out what God has worked within us,’  where ebb flow recedes, we try it out, test, and ‘prove it true’ in our lives. Thus we integrate the transformation we’ve received. This is how we grow the character of God. It’s tested and proven true, over and over again.

A Flowing Light

Finally, we awaken to fully see in the shambles of our brokenness, as if for the first time. For our brokenness humbles us, solidifying our highs with our foundation in our ever-sinking lows in the depth, the core of our being, the weight of glory.

So we grow in compassion for ourselves and for others. We realize that God’s work is always from the bottom up, always from the inside out.

So as we stand in the shambles of our brokenness, as if for the first time, the light of God’s love shines through the shards of our brokenness in a glorious display of splintered light. 

God’s compassion breaks through us as we receive the healing that flows through us, and this flow draws our hearts into the presence of God in gratitude. And there in humility, the ebb flow reveals us as servants of God’s grace and mercy. We become the heart and soul, the hands and feet of Jesus in our world.

We can only give what we’ve been given: grace, mercy, and forgiveness, and above all, the truth of God’s amazing love, Jesus…flowing from the inside out.

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