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The Dance of Stillness and Prayer


Picture Credit: Bob Holmes


I have an insatiable appetite for stillness and prayer…to enter that deep and overflowing joy.

Stillness and prayer lead into each other in an inner and outworking cycle, or rhythm of life. Stillness and prayer are like a dance.

As stillness becomes our home, our life becomes a prayer.   ~ Click to Tweet

bit by bit as we practice our spirit, and moment by moment as we walk in the Holy Spirit.

Like a lake, stillness reflects the depth within.

This is absolute nonsense to the busy person, who’s lives are full of what they’ll lose. But beneath it all, beneath the busyness, it’s what we really long for: happiness, belonging, and home.

So come into the quiet

Enter into rest

The table is prepared for you

A full and wholeness blessed.


O taste the joy within you

Come let the rivers flow

Delighting in the glory

Of Jesus in your soul.


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