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Stillness: The Key Discipline that Matters

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Stillness calms, deepens, and simplifies our lives.

Disciplines that complicate our lives are no discipline at all. They’re distractions. They waste our time, energy, and talents.

Disciplines that are worthy of our attention train us with a simplicity of lifestyle, they deepen us, and they cultivate a full heart. This is why stillness is so important. Stillness is key to every other discipline and habit.

We begin by stilling our mind, and calming our thoughts. We don’t do a memory drop, or empty our minds. We slow and calm our mind, like a placid lake. In stillness we can reflect.

In stillness we subjugate our mind to our spirit.

We quiet ourselves with our breath, our spirit. In spiritual practice, we practice our spirit. And in┬áthe stillness, we can listen, listen to our depths and to the depths of God. There’s a communion in stillness, an abiding.

Stillness opens our spirit into an awakened, or a living awareness.

What better way to begin our prayers and communion with God. What better way to abide in Christ, and integrate the Spirit into our lives. What better way to dwell and walk in the Spirit.

Be still and know that I Am God.

Stillness preceeds knowing.

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