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Structuring for Wholeness


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Living in the Sweet Spot

Spirituality, spiritual practice, mindfulness, devotion and the whole ball of wax is all about structuring wholeness into our lives. It’s about living in the sweet spot.

Not too long ago I stopped doing everything. My life hadn’t worked for years. I was sick and tired and worn out, so I let it all go, and come what may. I stopped everything. I got still. Absolutely still. And I cried out from the depths of my being, “Speak to my heart.”

Quietness washed over me, along with a deep all encompassing peace. And thus began a journey into the lenten lands, the sweet spot of life.

Things may not change, but you can change. And by you changing, everything changes. It will work. But you must allow God to reorder your life. Every single bit of it.

I hope you know

God’s not religious, but people are. God’s not out to control you. God’s love is out to free you and to transform you.

Allow me to speak into the depths of your heart. Discipline is all about structuring us for wholeness. It’s not about confining or controlling anything. It’s about freedom and transformation. It’s about our willingness to be transformed by and into that inner stillness, and wholeness of the presence and abiding love of God. It’s the way of being and becoming whole.

God will expand your inner life on this narrow way. It’s narrow because we focus into living out of an inner abundant life… As you choose to walk, the scales and shackles will fall away. Bit by bit and step by step they will fall off your life. But you can and probably will stop at any moment. Even for years, God will wait for you, until you’re ready to move on. Love is a journey of proven trust.

And you will fail, but God is always faithful. Yes, we all fail again and again. But as you choose to live in wholeness, you will learn to live out of wholeness, and take another step. You will probably fall a thousand times a day, but all your failures are  wiped out by one single step.

Life is Progress not Perfection

We’re all messy and life is a mess. Nobody gets it right the first time or even the thousandth time. Nobody. Leave the perfection up to God. We learn to trust by proving it. Trust in wholeness and move forward.

When Jesus says:

“Come to me all who are weary and weighed down,  and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble hearted, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

Listen, this isn’t just a come to Jesus verse. This is a lifestyle challenge. Jesus says come to me for freedom and life.

Just Try It… O taste and see that the Lord is good…


Postscript: Rest. Can you hear that? We can live and work and combat from a place of rest and a state of grace. That’s what abiding looks like. It’s not some pseudo-spiritual voodoo. It’s real in our battle of life, and it’s how we’re wired by God to live. We are hardwired for stillness.

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  • Beautifully written– simple, yet deep. I love the idea you are exploring here– that structure provides freedom. We often don’t think that way– we tend to think of structure as limiting our freedom. But the truth is, good, healthy structure provides place for freedom to grow, because we are channeled. Awesome!

  • I’m so glad you got that one Cody! It’s a revolutionary concept. It’s not how we’re taught, but it’s how spiritual practice works. It’s an inside out process or a “working out what God has worked within us.” Freedom comes out of order not chaos, but again, it’s an inside out job. Discipline simplifies, and amplifies our lives by focusing on what’s most important to us.

    Actually Seth Godin writes about structure and faith in his little book Tribes.

    Blessings, Peace+ and Good on ya Man of God!

  • mountainserenity .


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