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Sustainable Spirituality


Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time ~ Tony Schwartz 

There are a number components to maintaining a sustainable spirituality but they all hinge on one point. Since spirituality is the creative force within us, our essence, and who we really are, our true self, I would like us to look at our spirituality as creativity for a fresh viewpoint.

There is an ebb and flow to creativity. We always show up. It’s a daily practice, but everything begins with rest. Without rest, we have little to no energy and flow.

In the flow of creativity as in all things spiritual, there is an embracing and a release like the gripping and the opening of our hand. So it is with all life. There is a release so that things can be proven, seasoned, and integrated as we rest. There are ebb times daily where we savor and rest. All restoration and creativity begin in the stillness of rest.

Then it’s like dominoes falling as we are swept up in the flow. The creativity energy flows and we are in the zone.

But we can’t cheat the restorative energy of rest. Our devices and our 24/7 western lifestyle will kill you by degrees. There’s a price to be paid for burning the candle at both ends and cheating ourselves of rest. Take control of your devices.

Restoration has to do with the creative power and the presence of God in our lives and God ordains rest. It’s written in the skies, and in our Circadian rhythm. Every sunrise begins in the darkness of night.

So fall in love with sleep again. Give yourself permission and establish boundaries. Exhaustive spiritual practices serve no one. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, unclutter your springs of life, simplify, and practice your spirit daily. Take joy!


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