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The Awakened Christian

It’s Not Either Or

I’m all about awakened Christianity. A Christianity not of the Left, nor of the Right, not Conservatives vs Liberals, Progressives vs Fundamentalists, not even of Denominations, Non-Denominations, or Post-Denominations. It includes us all.

We Transcend The Catch-22

Awakened Christianity levels the playing field and requires only one criteria, that you’ve awakened in God. You’ve awakened out of your dualistic, either or, linear, logical mindset. Not that these things are bad. They have their place. Just not leading.

Awakening Expands Us

Awakened means that you use your whole brain and your whole heart and see intuitively and wholistically. You see the unity of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It simplifies everything when you can see the connectedness of all things.

Is It Life-Giving?

The criteria turns from your being right or wrong, to, are you life-giving, are you abiding in Christ, and living out of that Rest of abundant life. It’s that you are walking in the creative choreography of God’s design. It’s God’s original intent from the beginning.

This is a heart-centered spirit-filled life in Christ that gets you under people to lift them up in love, joy, and peace. It heals us on every level.

2,000 Years of Trial and Error

Listen, If our linear, logical way of life worked spiritually, heaven on earth would be a reality, and Shalom would fill the earth. After almost 2,000 years, you think we’d learn.

  “No problem is solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~Albert Einstein  

Our Soul Can’t Be Spiritual

The fact is, we can’t ask our soul (our mind, emotions, and our ability to choose), to do what only our spirit, (our breath, essence, being, our true self) can do, which is to walk in the Spirit. This is the essence of waking-up out of our dual mind default, into our spirit.

We are taught to believe that our mind determines our life, but it’s our heart, our intuitive heart that wins the day. Our mind left to itself tends to fall into depression or defiant determinism while our heart can open the windows of our spirit to flood our lives with light. It’s inspiration that makes perspiration work.

Our soul, like a Google Search Engine, is a good servant, but a terrible taskmaster. But with our spirit leading an awakened life, our soul becomes a faithful servant of our spirit’s direction and flowing life. With Awakening, things begin to come into a balance that was lost in the Fall.

Jesus said it: “God is spirit so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

Let You Spirit Lead

So, as we awaken into our spirit in Christ, our lives transform. We cease living by the rules, programs, and strategies, to living a life-giving creative life with Christ.

Our heart determines the direction we’ll go in.

So, I Urge you, Come Join Us, to live an awakened Christian life and not just ‘the ten minutes of out of body worship,’ or just ‘the three minute alter call’.

God’s got a whole eternity for you to live together, and it’s always Right Here and Now in this timeless present moment.

Wake-Up O Sleeper and rise from the dead.  

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  • Ana Lisa de Jong

    Bob, thank you for helping to give me an identity. I had been struggling to explain to Christian friends yesterday by own ‘brand’ of Christianity. How it encompasses more than it excludes, how God’s house is like a tent of which he is always wanting us to move the tent pegs. I explained how I understand things in images and how I have to unpack that (often in poetry). I work for many chaplains in Defence and these two colleagues looked at me and I think they understood, but explaining i didn’t feel like I had a denomination, made me feel like I didn’t know my identity, rather than perhaps I have found it outside of denominations. I was saying that as we get older we find out more about who we are and discard what we are not. Thank you for showing me that this in fact an awakening. Many blessings always.

  • WOW! That’s awesome Ana! I love the tent!
    Here’s some thoughts.
    Our unity is in the presence of God, so it doesn’t matter what spiritual background (ie Denomination, etc) we come from. We divide the Body of Christ in practice, but in reality, eternal reality the Body of Christ is one, The Bride of Christ is one. We are one in Christ. Metaphors help but its a hard concept to grasp. It’s why Jesus spoke in Parables. It takes experiencing it to understand it, and that is what awakening does. The beauty of it is that God meets us right where we are. We don’t have to leave our church or denomination, we transcend the limitations in the Spirit.

  • Ana Lisa de Jong

    So true Bob thank you, I love the concept of us dividing his body in practice when really of course, it is one. I do want to find a more contemplative denomination in Auckland, New Zealand but I don’t know quite what that will look like yet. I currently attend a Baptist church but don’t call myself Baptist, and I find myself partly removed, with gives me a sense of isolation which I don’t feel comfortable with. I still want to find ‘my people’, although I realise we are all HIs people. It is a journey in which I sure I will continually guided by His Spirit which already has me on this questioning path. Thanks and blessings.

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