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A Parable of The Crowded Room

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Our awareness helps us learn to navigate our inner and outer chaos allowing us to shift into the presence of transformation. 

Here’s A Simple Spiritual Practice

Do you have trouble quieting your mind and shifting into your spirit? Are your thoughts always running, stealing you away, and suddenly you find yourself swept away downstream? Hey, it’s normal.

Our mind is constantly working to figure things out, trying to solve, trying to reconcile on a conscious and subconscious level.

It never stops.

On the one hand, our old self is trying to save us, while on the other, our new self, our spiritual self, speaks with the mind of Christ…a wholeness, the wisdom of the endless ages.

What I want to give to you, is an image of the process of shifting from ‘the labyrinth’ of our soul into our spirit.

Transcending The Crowded Room

Picture yourself in a large crowded room, like a lunchroom with big picture windows, looking out on a wide-open lush landscape. In the lunchroom, the conversations are swirling all around, and everybody’s trying to get your attention. But there’s a door on the other side of the room to the outside.

You’ve got to break from the noise, to head outside. The draw you’re feeling is God calling you to come out. But you don’t know what you’ll find out there. It’s always an act of faith going out, even when we feel ‘the breath of fresh air’ calling us.

So you cut off the endless conversations, and turn to the door. No matter how desperate and urgent the voices are, you ignore them, and head for the door. Focus on that feeling…the one voice calling you out into the vast stillness of our spirit, into the oneness of God.

The voices crescendo and cry out to us, as we reach the door and slowly turn the handle. We fling open the door, the fresh winds of the spirit strike our face, rushing in to silence every voice, and so begins a reordering of our soul. Our soul begins to magnify what it sees of God’s light streaming through the door.

Our yearning of love causes this seismic shift, from our soul into our spirit. Our heart, and not our head, is the key to opening the door, to leave the room of noise…to go outside, to enter the vastness of silence, of spirit, of Being…’to walk in fields of grace.’

Spiritual Grounding

Let me confess something that might help you.  The fact that after fifty years of meditation,  I still have a head full of noise, is proof that I’m still a beginner every single morning. I have to die daily to my old self, to awaken to my new self. It shows me, I still need a daily spiritual practice: every single day.

But such is the love of God, that draws us out of ourselves and into his Presence, from where we practice our transformation in Jesus. From our position of Being, we Become by integrating our transformation into our common everyday life.

We bring the eternal to bear on the temporal, and it is love, God’s love that soaks our lives and creates in our world.

I hope this reflection helps you on your spiritual journey!



Photo byCreative Commons License woodleywonderworks

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