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The Dance of Eternal Life

Portas Abertas 


If we’re calling the shots, we’re directing our lives with God. We’re in charge of our choreography and control is our biggest issue. We’re always making sure we feel and look good.  But as we surrender to God’s heart, we die to ourselves that we might live in Him.  But what’s cool, is that we come into the vast choreography of eternity, woven through and through our lives with eternal life.

Our spiritual life is an inside-out process. That’s our job.  But it’s also God weaving things, people and events all around us. It’s like a dance we enter into. We’re dancing in eternal life.

It’s More Than Mere Religion

All religion dwells outside of the life it purports.

Like a pointing finger, religion is man seeking and directing their lives and others to God. This isn’t bad, it just isn’t enough.

As Religion directs us TO God, we as Believers we live Out of the eternal life of God. It’s God life through Jesus Christ Empowered since AD 33. Smile.

This begs the question: Are we doing things for God or by God? What’s empowering us, moving us, motivating us? Are we dancing with others as we dance with God?

Our Heart is Center Stage

As we dwell in our spirit in Christ, our hearts become the garden of God, and it’s there that we grow the fruit of the Spirit. Our heart is center stage. All spiritual integration happens in our heart. Like a dance, it’s through our hearts that we work out what God has worked through our spirit.

We work out of our wholeness, out of our spirit, in the mess of our lives through our heart.

This is the work of God and not of ourselves that changes things for eternity. God creates out of chaos as we dance with him.

You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth. You are Christ’s hands and feet in this world. And as we move into the choreography of God, we learn to create with our Creator. We dance the dance of eternal life.


Photo by Patrícia Garcia

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  • Bob, I sense the spiritual life as a continual invitation to join the sacred dance. A dance in which we are set free as we take those first hesitant steps and become more fluid and graceful (full of grace) in the execution of each movement. Lovely thought! Thank you. 🙂

  • Beautifully spoken Joy! God Bless You Poet of God!

  • Thank you, Bob. I love the title you’ve bestowed on me, inadequate as I may feel to bear its weight. God bless you, fellow contemplative monk and pilgrim, seeker after the sacred and man of many words! 🙂

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