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The Dance



Mystic roots don’t meet in the middle, they hold the ends together, which ignites the fireworks.  ~ Leonard Sweet

To enter the divine dance of the Trinity.

Each deeper, each complimentary, and each unable to exist without the other. As everything begins in God, so everything completes in God on a progressively higher level of living conscious life. So we enter into the choreography of God. Like a divine dance we follow Our Father and then Jesus and then the Holy Spirit and we find ourselves at home and whole, there in the flow of eternal life.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be lived. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

We are created in the image and likeness of God as trinity:

We have been created for this union with God. Jesus prepared the way and he invites us in, so we invite him in, and join the dance. We have been invited to a feast we cannot repay, so that we might live the reality of the love of God.

The trinity of God’s design is all around us if we but have eyes to see. We are meant to experience the flow of life in all three levels of our consciousness.

The dance is in the energy of  protons, neutrons, and electrons, the very fabric of the universe.

Can we not see it? Dare we?

Let us join in the dance and enter the choreography of God.


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  • Tadhg Jonathan Gardner

    Thanks for that. A truly, wonderfully, deep piece; and Rublev artwork, too. Bless you bro, for sharing that. I love the Divine dance concept, of which we’re part. That’s perichoresis, for you. Blessings, Tradhg

  • Thanks Tadhg! You’re such an encouragement. I’m trying to keep it simple and approach it with fresh eyes. Did you know that it’s said that that little square below the table held a mirror so the observer would see themselves in the middle of the dance with God, the Trinity.

  • Tadhg Jonathan Gardner

    You’re welcome, brother. You encourage me, too, as iron sharpens iron. I didn’t know about the mirror, but what a great idea. I live and I learn. Bless you both.

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