Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

The List ~ Into The Mystic

There is a list

We all have seen it,

At the edges of our consciousness,

A list of the best, the wisest, and the most profound sayings,

Words of unfathomable depth, beauty, and delight

The deepest joy, the greatest insight, the most pleasurable thoughts.

We all have seen it.


The Birds have begun to arrive

To Witness


It’s there

On a moving van in the streets.

A large box falls open

Revealing a mirror on a stand


Reflecting another place


There In the twilight of our consciousness

We’ve kept The List

And added to it over the years.


Unforgettable things we forget

Things of eternal memory.

Things that make up our life’s meaning,

Our purpose, and destinations, and life.


Like a Pilgrim walking at the edge of sight

Through our heart of hearts, the Watcher,

The Observer, the Witness of our Being.


She walks in beauty

Born in the spirit of light

She touches our forehead

Like a dream in the night,

Opening the eyes of our heart

To visions of delight

Never fading

On the timeless sea


Yet they cut away

To a greater reality

As all things dross

All that is night

Is swallowed into light


Yes, we have the eyes of Prophets

Of Seers that Behold

So we know

As we are known


The Birds are Angels

Of living fire


Ever revealing

The unfolding whole,

The sacred

The hidden glory of our true selves

Turning our shadows into light

Unfolding into eternal glory

In Christ alone

We fall whole

Into God


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