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The Soul and Spirit Conundrum


“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live our way into new ways of thinking.” ~ Richard Rohr

Let me say it as clearly and as I can, God is calling you and me up, to live out of our spirit. The conundrum is that we don’t know the difference between our soul and our spirit.

All spiritual growth is inside out. We live it before we understand it.

God is so far out of our realm of comprehension, it’s the only way we’ll ever get it. We’ve got to grow into it.

As gifts are given, fruit is grown and so is the mind of Christ within us. Jesus always had the eternal perspective on everything. Jesus was dwelling in eternity as he walked this earth. Jesus was God in the flesh, fully human and fully God. “Before Abraham was, I am“. The mind of Christ is dwelling with Jesus, fully awake and aware of what God is saying and doing as we’re living our life. Again, we grow the character and the mind of Christ as we ‘abide in the vine’. 188383_1917459457335_1951766_n

But we still make our lists of religious rules and practices and think (think is the operative word here) that will get us there. We say, “Listen, I’ve been ‘Born-Again,’ I’ve been ‘Filled with the Holy Ghost,'” and we’re off to the races, trying to make it so.

We ignore things like Be holy, as we make our never ending lists of spiritual improvement. So we run around in the labyrinth of our soul with its thousand voices, trying to do what only our spirit can do…Be spiritual.  So we end up with spiritual dysfunction, broken-hearted in a big mess…especially if you’re Holiness, Charismatic or Catholic. Yes, I know there are exceptions. We call them Saints. But this should not be.

All because we don’t know, discern, or are taught  the difference between our soul and our spirit. So we are rule-bound to our systems, be they emotional or intellectual systems that create dependent, dysfunctional Christians by the score.

Our imperial top-down leadership systems were developed by our ‘souls’ way to stay in charge. ie our spiritual pride rules. Too far out? Think about it.

Look at Jesus. Look at how he led. Jesus always put people ahead of systems. In God’s economy, systems are meant to be under us to serve, not over us to rule, to maintain, and to propagate. Jesus leadership turns the world on its head.

Look at Adam, the human being, a living soul, who was born to rule, and blew it wide open.

Now, look at Jesus, the LAST Adam, a life-giving spirit, who was born to serve.

We’ve used fallen Adam as our model to Rule and subverted risen Jesus who is our model to Serve.

Soul-rule is top down, where things and people are managed.

Spirit-life works inside out, where things and people are transformed. In Jesus, we are life givers.

In our souls, we are managers, and in our spirits we are life-givers.

As life-givers, we plant the explosive seeds of God’s life, Jesus life, into the hearts of those who are ready or not.

Our systems are under our feet, to be used, not over our heads to rule our lives. This distinction is how the Kingdom of Heaven works…bottom up to win our hearts, and inside out to transform us.






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