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The Three Faces of God

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It all started while we were living in Judah, a Christian community. I was walking down a dirt road on the farm where we lived. I was talking with my Father, when out of the blue, He drops three words into my spirit. No explanations, no reasons, just three words.

Over the years these three words have slowly unfolded in depth and meaning, like the opening of a rose filling the air with the fragrance of eternity.

 Revival, Renewal and Restoration

These and only these, are the three spiritual platforms from which Believers worship God.

They’re both the way we approach and express our relationship with God. They’re like the three faces of God manifesting in our lives, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

So when I approach a church, a denomination, or a gathering of believers, the first thing I look at is how they worship God. As it were, I taste their spirit.  Which aspect of God are they focusing on, our Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit? And how are they approaching the presence of God in common worship?

The Three Ways We Worship


  1. Simply put, Revival is awakening to God, coming alive, and new birth. Revival is an event, but it is also a process. But whatever it is, revival is all about Jesus. Jesus is the face of revival. And we will always be in the process of waking up to more and more of God, in more and more of our lives. We are beginners every morning. We have the love of God breaking on our lives like the dawn, filling our hearts and bursting them open with love pouring out. We are broken vessels that bear the face of Jesus to the world.
  2. Renewal is all about being filled with the Holy Spirit, and what that does to our new life, individually, and corporately. As the Kingdom of Heaven is not about words but of power. It’s the power to change and become who we really are, and the power to love. It’s about gifts, and callings, and ways we serve. And the face of Renewal is the Holy Spirit. People will feel our spirit more than anything we could ever say. It’s all about Presence. We are the presence, the character, and liberating power of God to the world.
  3. Restoration is all about being restored to God’s original intent for our lives. It’s about living out of our wholeness. But it’s not about journeying back to Eden, to the first Adam. Restoration is about moving forward into Jesus the last Adam, and becoming as Jesus is, a life giving spirit. It’s about mutual dwelling and practicing the presence of God. And the face of our Restoration is our Father God, in whom we are being transformed into, from glory to glory. We bear the life giving hope of God’s healing transformation to the world.

How Does It All Fit Together?

Discern where your church, your fellowship, but more importantly, where your life fits into these three spiritual expressions.

And yes, there’s a process where we grow through each of these three stages in our relationship, but we never out grow any of them. We only grow deeper, into a fuller richer life with God. Spiritual growth is fresh and new every morning, and the fruit we grow of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control will last throughout  eternity.

So where is your Baptist Church at? or Charismatic? or Catholic? or Messianic? or Orthodox? or Home Church? But more importantly, which expresses you?

This isn’t a way to separate or dice up the church, it’s more about how we serve and fit together.

Family relationships aren’t an either or thing. And we are the family of God.

Isn’t it past time we welcome the rest of the Body of Christ into our lives?

We need each other.

 Dive Into Your Spiritual Life

I hope these thoughts stir something deep within you, maybe waking you up to a bigger vision of God and us together.

We can get so stuck in our own little group. We think it’s all up to us, so we totally miss out on what God is sovereignly doing around and with us in the world.

Allow the love of God to bring you out of your comfort zone, and into this amazing abundant life. It’s here and now. Come on in. The water’s fine!


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  • Meredith Bunting

    Simple and profound. A go to when life with God seems mysterious.

  • Thanks Meredith! You got it. Our spiritual life is mysterious. BTW You’ve got a unique engaging writing style. I visited your blog. Keep writing. 😉

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