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The Three Spiritual Practices of Transformation



There are three main practices of our spirit that transform us. They are Revival, Renewal, and the final one is Restoration. They generally fall into the progression of our spiritual growth, but not always, like three overlapping circles with the center ‘sweet spot,’ being the presence of God.

The early Celtic Monks, as well as the Desert Fathers and Mothers, had a deep understanding of the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as well as the triune Human Being: Spirit, Soul, and Body.  As God manifests in a triune, so does our spirituality, through Revival, Renewal, and Restoration.

Quite simply:

Our Spiritual  Life In God

Again, God’s relational work within us is through our Revival, Renewal, and Restoration.  In Revival, our main encounter is our spiritual transformation in and through Jesus our Lord, while our main encounter in Renewal is in and through the Holy Spirit, and in fullness, it is in Restoration that we are transformed and restored to God our Father.

It might be evident to you by now that the Baptist and the Evangelicals focus on Revival, while the Charismatics and Pentecostals focus on Renewal, and finally, the Catholics and Orthodox focus on Restoration. This, however, is highly subjective and merely a frame of reference, to help you understand so that you might grasp and enter into these three spiritual atmosphere’s of transformation.

For those of you in liturgical settings,  you might even see that the three main seasons of the Liturgical Year line up with this focus: Advent is about Revival, Lent is about Restoration, and Pentecost is about Renewal.  Again, this is merely a framework  for understanding, not a theological construct.

In Conclusion: Everything for us as Believers proceeds in and through Jesus…abiding in the vine, specifically abiding in Jesus, like the Tree of Life growing in the garden of our soul. We need the nourishment of the Holy Spirit and the light of God Our Father to grow and to live a whole and abundant life.


Postscript: This is not some new revelation. It’s a reminder of what we’ve lost or forgotten. These three vehicles of transformation: Revival, Renewal, and Restoration, are all about our relationship with God, and with each other. It’s all about abiding, and living a transformed life out of that abiding. It’s all about how we grow as Believers.

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  • WOW, this seems more than a little “male”– what a story–it may need some renewal and revision, don’t you think? how is it to leave out 51% and more than this human group and then there is the uncomfortable truth that all comes through the female –the birth canal of creation. It seems a very tired old story, don’t ya think to keep putting out without –perhaps rely less on revival, renewal and restoration and more on evolution, joy and a NEW story that makes everybody FEEL good and live a remarkable life.

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