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Walking Each Other Home


From Form to Substance

I see Forms all around me…Forms of the Benedictines and the Baptists, the Charismatics and the Catholics, the Theatre and Mega Churches, and my beloved Anglican and Methodists. The forms seemingly endless, all calling us to substance, to wholeness, and Shalom. All calling us together and calling us to God. Our forms are like old friends, slowly walking each other home.

I love meditation and just soaking in the presence of God. I love the sense of belonging that forms give us, gathering us together and bringing us to the place of Remembrance.

But more, I love crossing the threshold and entering into belonging, acceptance, and home. I love the stillness that expands us and connects us to the timeless eternal whole, the substance behind all form

Love, light, and life are the energy that binds us, and joy is the spark of life that ignites us in a blaze of glory. There is no one like our God who infuses us with the light and life of glory, that manifests wholeness in our lives…A whole-hearted love, peace, and joy that exudes, sparks, and dances with delight in shalom.

This is surely the Kingdom of Heaven we bring into the world. Not our forms, but our substance, as one candle lights another, we bear Christ, spirit to spirit, heart to heart, touching hand in hand. Yes, we are the forms of love, slowly walking each other home.




Photo: Steve McCurry ~ National Geographic

Kudos to Ram Das for the image of walking each other home.

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