Contemplative Monk : Intentional Spirituality Transforms

Through Sands of Time

Windows and doorways

Open, windswept

Singing, ringing

Clear and free

Songs of open ocean waters

Songs that call us out to sea


Time spun, woken

Woven moments

Stars upon the spans of time

Stretch our hearts, and call the seeker

One who dares eternal find


There in simple golden moments

Touching in the vast design

Through some masterwork unspoken

Echoes down the halls of time


Few to surer ways of knowing

Past elusive stars and skies

Born on spirit we shall find him

Sweeping back the veils of time


Only in the path revealing

Only in the life divine

Only in the truth that frees us

Walking in his whole design


We no more in shadows seeking

Here fulfilled the seeker finds

Joy so full, so rich, unbroken

Jesus brought for all mankind


Who will dare believe the story

Who will walk beyond the signs

Those who seek a lasting treasure

Pearls upon the sands of time.


Photo: Pensacola Life

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