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We Are A Trinity: An Overview



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We are a trinity created in the image and likeness of God.

Patterns of three are all around us…the fingerprints of the Eternal.

But because of our fallenness, we normally dwell and see things from the perspective of our soul in a binary or dualistic frame of reference.

As most spiritual leaders and spiritual writings lump our soul and spirit together, the distinction between our soul and spirit is critical to the unfolding revelation of the Eternal in our lives. A good experiential understanding of our spirit tends to break our linear gridlock. We begin to see and function from a wholistic perspective. But we don’t suddenly become blind to what we’ve known.

To enter the wholeness of the spirit, we include the duality of our analytical mind and our body wisdom…we include and transcend them…there to live out of our spirit, in the broad spacious place of oneness with God our Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

This said, everything resolves in our heart.

Everything resolves in our heart. 

Our heart is the fulcrum point of our lives. It’s the doorway into our spirit. It’s the garden of our soul. From our heart flow the springs of life. G-d has put a new heart and a new spirit within us.

So what of our soul?

Our soul deepens what our spirit experiences. It magnifies, nurtures, and puts flesh on it. Our soul is a wonderful servant and a terrible taskmaster. Our soul is like our very own Google search engine. It gets things done. But when our soul leads, we are driven, while our spirit leads us in eternal relationships.

So what is contemplation about?

Simply put, Contemplation is all about moving into our spirit encountering the eternal. Integration is the work of our heart through our soul.

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