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We Become What We Worship

We Reflect In Worship

Worship is mirroring center to center, spirit to spirit. It is an act of inner reflecting.

Look into the eyes of your young child and you can see that recognition, that inner reflection, that spark of the oneness of connection.

There is an inner oneness in worship, so that we become what we worship.

God doesn’t need our worship.

God doesn’t need our worship, adoration, or praise. We do. It does a heart good.

We’ve been given so much that without thanksgiving, it becomes all about us, and what we deserve. We become selfish, greedy, and self-centered, as we slowly implode upon ourselves. It’s how evil works.

Gratitude however, breaks us out of our self-made self-imposed prison. But there’s more.

We are created for communion with God and with each other, in oneness.

Forgiveness and Gratitude are the one-two punches that knock out the old self and welcomes our true self into the fore.

Ruthless and Radical Forgiveness

Forgiveness creates the eternal possibility within a single moment.

Do you realize the power of your forgiveness?

Forgiveness creates the room for a sacred moment in our lives where the eternal possibility is given to us or to another human being.

Nothing changes without forgiveness. Unforgiveness severs us from the eternal flow of life, from God and from each other. That’s why Jesus says in the Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…” For without our forgiving others, we cannot enter into the presence of God.

We all need to do deep forgiveness work. I love this aspect of AA. Ruthless and radical forgiveness.

Forgiveness is intentional.

Forgiveness is a daily spiritual practice and not just a one-time event.

Gratitude breaks us open inside out.

Gratitude breaks open to pleasure, happiness, and joy within us. Gratitude cultivates joy in the garden of our hearts.

Gratitude multiplies an abundant life by connecting us within and without, with all things and whoever will in our lives.

The Spiritual Practice of a Daily Gratitude Journal

Let me challenge you to start a Daily Gratitude Journal. Here’s why.

Negative things lock into our mind instantly, without effort. It’s how our survival brain works. But positive things have to be savored to be remembered.

Going over these wonderful things, deeply feeling their delight to us, creates stronger and stronger neural networks within us. We hardwire ourselves for Joy. It’s true, ‘what we focus on expands.’

Remember: Gratitude multiplies an abundant life by connecting us within and without to the flow of eternal life.

Forgiveness brings us to the river while gratitude jumps in. 

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